Workshop Archive


Children of Conflict, Children of Peace



Trafficking Resources for Educators [PDF]

Human Trafficking Power & Control Wheel [PDF]

Headlines Activity: analyzing world events through lens of the media

Workshop Wordcloud [PDF]





Tactile Turkey



Patterns of Turkey: Form, Structure & Meaning [PDF]
- Terri Erickson-Harper, JCCC Graphic Design

Video: Current Events in Turkey: Much Ado About a Turkish Mall, Mike Wuthrich, KU CGIS
For More Info on the Gezi Park Protests [doc]

Turkish Film Suggestions [doc]
Other Recommended Resources [doc]
Caravanserai Country Spotlight: Turkey

Workshop Wordcloud [PDF]





World Environment



Map: Soviet Environmental Legacy [PDF] - Dr. Shannon O'Lear, KU Geography Department




Red Square and the Russian Search for Identity



Lesson Plans

Red Square Handout and Questions [PDF] - Dr. Jonathan Perkins, Director of the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center at KU.


Russian Culture at KU


Music, the Arts, and Migration



Lesson Plans

Webquesting Around the World: Tuva  [PDF] - Christian Lucy

World Review Acrostics  [PDF] - Dave Olson - Acrostic Sample

Landscape Painting to Music  [PDF] - Heather Olson


    Teaching the Silk Road: The Past, Present, and Future of Global Market



    Lesson Plans

    Silk Road Tiles  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot

    Where is Your T-Shirt, Blouse or Shirt Produced?  [PDF] - Dawn Yonally

    Reading Along the Silk Road  [PDF] - Lisa Healey

    Food for Though: Lunch in Kazakhstan  [PDF] - Renee Sanchez

    Students study what made trade work on the Silk Road of the Old World  [PDF] - Richard Wilds


    Silk Road Resources at KU  [PDF]


      Reimagining Central Europe: Transition and Identity



      Lesson Plans

      East European Acrostics  [PDF] - Dave Olson

      Introduction to the Velvet Revolution  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot

      When Poland Leads Europe  [PDF] - Sobielski and Wasela


        Learning to Negotiate the Peace: International Trade in the 21st Century



        Lesson Plans

        Reading International Blogs  [PDF] - Cynthia Rhodes

        Intro to China  [PDF] - Dave Olson

        Follow That Coffee Cup  [PDF] - Kathy Ray

        Peace is the Natural Effect of Trade  [PDF] - Michelle Radio and Barbara Turnbull

        Ancient Silk Road & Modern Asian Highways  [PDF] - Richard Wilds

        Economic Pullback  [PDF] - Trudy Ringer





          Art, Politics, and Revolution: The Russian Avant-Garde and the Struggle for Ideas



          Lesson Plans

          Deconstructing Architecture: A Look at the Avant_Garde in Russian Architecture  [PDF] - Pamela Rohlfing

          A Selection of Russian Avant-Garde Art and Architecture 1890-1934  [PDF] - Paul Adams

          Workshop Materials

          Art, Politics, and Revolution: The Russian Avant-Garde and the Struggle for Ideas  [PDF]

          E. W. Clowes, Utopia in Avant-Garde Russian Art and Literature, LIST OF INTERNET IMAGES  [PDF]


            Conflict and Creativity in the Balkans



            Lesson Plans

            What to think about the Balkan situation in the 1800s and 1900s  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot


              On The Air: Host your own Interactive Learning Show!

              Lesson Plans

              Special Forces, The Cold War & The Future: How to use Special Forces in History and Current Events in the Classroom  [PDF] - Richard Wilds

              "Everyone has an Uncle Vanya": Understanding Character Through Mimic Writing  [PDF] - Ken Willard


                Mongols: Forging a bridge of trade and knowledge between Asia and Europe



                Lesson Plans

                Road Mongols [PDF] - Richard Wilds

                Mongolian Women: Then and Now  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot

                How to Celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Mongol Empire  [PDF] - Charlotte A. Anderson

                Marvelous Mongolia  [PDF] - Cayetana Maristela

                Mongol Dynasty  [PDF] - Jay Roberts


                  Treasures in St. Petersburg


                  Lesson Plans

                  Face of Russia: Lesson Plans  [PDF] The Power of Architecture, written by Susan Michal, Forest Knolls Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD Grade Level.

                    Curriculum Packets

                    Treasures of St. Petersburg curriculum packet is in CD-ROM format and includes color pictures and music.


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                      From Köprü (Bridge) to Merkez (Center): Keynote Address: Keynote Address: "Turkey in Turbulence: Domestic Problems and Their Foreign Policy Implications" Kemal Kirişci, TÜSİAD senior fellow and Director of the Center on the United States and Europe's Turkey Project at Brookings Institute From Köprü (Bridge) to Merkez (Center):Turkey's Regional and Global Impact Annual Security Conference Program (3/4)

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