Workshop Archive


Children of Conflict, Children of Peace



Trafficking Resources for Educators [PDF]

Human Trafficking Power & Control Wheel [PDF]

Headlines Activity: analyzing world events through lens of the media

Workshop Wordcloud [PDF]





Tactile Turkey



Patterns of Turkey: Form, Structure & Meaning [PDF]
- Terri Erickson-Harper, JCCC Graphic Design

Video: Current Events in Turkey: Much Ado About a Turkish Mall, Mike Wuthrich, KU CGIS
For More Info on the Gezi Park Protests [doc]

Turkish Film Suggestions [doc]
Other Recommended Resources [doc]
Caravanserai Country Spotlight: Turkey

Workshop Wordcloud [PDF]





World Environment



Map: Soviet Environmental Legacy [PDF] - Dr. Shannon O'Lear, KU Geography Department




Red Square and the Russian Search for Identity



Lesson Plans

Red Square Handout and Questions [PDF] - Dr. Jonathan Perkins, Director of the Ermal Garinger Academic Resource Center at KU.


Russian Culture at KU


Music, the Arts, and Migration



Lesson Plans

Webquesting Around the World: Tuva  [PDF] - Christian Lucy

World Review Acrostics  [PDF] - Dave Olson - Acrostic Sample

Landscape Painting to Music  [PDF] - Heather Olson


    Teaching the Silk Road: The Past, Present, and Future of Global Market



    Lesson Plans

    Silk Road Tiles  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot

    Where is Your T-Shirt, Blouse or Shirt Produced?  [PDF] - Dawn Yonally

    Reading Along the Silk Road  [PDF] - Lisa Healey

    Food for Though: Lunch in Kazakhstan  [PDF] - Renee Sanchez

    Students study what made trade work on the Silk Road of the Old World  [PDF] - Richard Wilds


    Silk Road Resources at KU  [PDF]


      Reimagining Central Europe: Transition and Identity



      Lesson Plans

      East European Acrostics  [PDF] - Dave Olson

      Introduction to the Velvet Revolution  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot

      When Poland Leads Europe  [PDF] - Sobielski and Wasela


        Learning to Negotiate the Peace: International Trade in the 21st Century



        Lesson Plans

        Reading International Blogs  [PDF] - Cynthia Rhodes

        Intro to China  [PDF] - Dave Olson

        Follow That Coffee Cup  [PDF] - Kathy Ray

        Peace is the Natural Effect of Trade  [PDF] - Michelle Radio and Barbara Turnbull

        Ancient Silk Road & Modern Asian Highways  [PDF] - Richard Wilds

        Economic Pullback  [PDF] - Trudy Ringer





          Art, Politics, and Revolution: The Russian Avant-Garde and the Struggle for Ideas



          Lesson Plans

          Deconstructing Architecture: A Look at the Avant_Garde in Russian Architecture  [PDF] - Pamela Rohlfing

          A Selection of Russian Avant-Garde Art and Architecture 1890-1934  [PDF] - Paul Adams

          Workshop Materials

          Art, Politics, and Revolution: The Russian Avant-Garde and the Struggle for Ideas  [PDF]

          E. W. Clowes, Utopia in Avant-Garde Russian Art and Literature, LIST OF INTERNET IMAGES  [PDF]


            Conflict and Creativity in the Balkans



            Lesson Plans

            What to think about the Balkan situation in the 1800s and 1900s  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot


              On The Air: Host your own Interactive Learning Show!

              Lesson Plans

              Special Forces, The Cold War & The Future: How to use Special Forces in History and Current Events in the Classroom  [PDF] - Richard Wilds

              "Everyone has an Uncle Vanya": Understanding Character Through Mimic Writing  [PDF] - Ken Willard


                Mongols: Forging a bridge of trade and knowledge between Asia and Europe



                Lesson Plans

                Road Mongols [PDF] - Richard Wilds

                Mongolian Women: Then and Now  [PDF] - Bianca Elliot

                How to Celebrate the 800th Anniversary of the Mongol Empire  [PDF] - Charlotte A. Anderson

                Marvelous Mongolia  [PDF] - Cayetana Maristela

                Mongol Dynasty  [PDF] - Jay Roberts


                  Treasures in St. Petersburg


                  Lesson Plans

                  Face of Russia: Lesson Plans  [PDF] The Power of Architecture, written by Susan Michal, Forest Knolls Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD Grade Level.

                    Curriculum Packets

                    Treasures of St. Petersburg curriculum packet is in CD-ROM format and includes color pictures and music.


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